img18We have a unique understanding of our target audiences and changing trends in the global marketplace. This understanding of the global marketplace allows us to give our clients the best international media buying packets available. Our media planning team are experts at preparing and executing marketing strategies on a global scale. With a staff that speaks over 10 languages combined with an unmatched operations network, each client is guaranteed flawless marketing practices and procedures. The main goal of our media planning team is to assist clients in achieving business objectives through their advertising budgets by recommending the best possible use of various media platforms available to advertisers. With our expert media planning and media relations team located in Miami, FL, AMGW is better suited than other media purchasing companies because of its unique understanding of both American and Latin culture.

When planning what media to purchase, we evaluate factors based on station formats, pricing rates, demographics, geography and psychographics related to the advertisers’ particular product or service objective. Our buyers can purchase spots regionally, nationally, or globally while factoring in numerous determinants. AMGW Agency has extensive buying power and passes along that advantage to our clients in order to consistently economize.

Our clients benefit greatly because we help them maximize their ROI by identifying the most effective media and marketing strategies. We ensure that the media prices our clients pay are lower than industry standards and strive to obtain the most added value opportunities for them. With our guidance, more effective allocation of advertising dollars are spent, and we make sure that the client does not spend their budgets on wasteful media elements that are not suitable for their product or target market. The bottom line is that we outsmart the competition and succeed in emerging our clients product into the forefront of their categories.