AMGW Agency recognizes that digital media is a crucial part of your international social media and marketing strategy, particularly with regard to luxury brands. With international digital marketing becoming commonplace for luxury brands reaching any audience, we provide services such as banner advertising, video advertising, rich media advertising and others to reach out to audiences digitally. We recognize your luxury brand demands the best, and AMGW Agency is dedicated to providing you with the most relevant digital solutions for internet marketing in Miami.


Our Services

AMGW Agency offers international digital marketing solutions that range from simple banner advertisements to complicated rich media. We evaluate your luxury brand and its target audience and from there, determine which digital media solutions make the most sense for you. International social media remains a go-to marketing platform, often combined with a number of other solutions. We offer search engine optimization, web design and web development, as well as marketing solutions.

img21Some of the online marketing solutions that we offer include:

  • Banner advertising can come in the form of a fixed banner ad, a box advertisement or a skyscraper campaign. These ads are among the simplest of digital solutions, and appeal to a wide range of audiences when applied to the right media spots.
  • Video strategies include video advertisement either before or after the video plays. They can also include a banner within a video, a video within a banner, or a full-length video commercial meant for streaming online.
  • Rich media is a broad category with many applications, including flash advertisements, ads with regional targets, website sponsorships, floating ads, homepage takeovers and expandable ads. These ads are often catchy and highly visual, making them ideal to target toward younger audiences.
  • Online digital solutions are often interactive with the user in some way, and may appear in the form of keyword-generated ads, contextual advertisements, behaviorally targeted ads or geo-targeted ads. These ads are stellar at targeting a very specific demographic and are the key to drawing in your luxury product’s desired audience.

img22AMGW Agency is dedicated to the best internet marketing in Miami, providing diverse international digital marketing solutions and international social media presence for your luxury brand. Ready to nurture brands and cultivate their presence in just the right community, we have the knowledge and the experience to create and execute a marketing plan that will address your digital media concerns. If you need digital media solutions to round out your plan for internet marketing in Miami, AMGW Agency is ready to help.