PR: external communication
3AWORLWIDE Europe offers its external communications services to VASS, with presence in Spain, UK, Latam and the United States.

The 3AWORLDWIDE objective is to present VASS and its services offered to its customers, making it stand out among other companies from the sector. Increase their media presence, online and offline, both locally and nationally and within the media sector.

Marketing actions
In 3AWORLDWIDE we are awared of the importance of marketing actions in a global world where competition is aggressive. Therefore, we recommend our customers to develop this kind of actions to strengthen external communication.

3AWORLDWIDE we proposed to VASS the possibility of hiring our Ideas Factory service where we offer 3 monthly proposals tailored to the objectives and target of our client.

Advertising campaign – XV anniversary
Last September 3rd, VASS celebrated his XV anniversary. For this special occasion they decided to invest in a small advertising campaign.

They used to publish every year a 16 pages insertion into the Computing magazine. This time they asked for having the same as well as something in Expansion.
The client was looking for raising awareness and increasing its brand visibility.


PR: external communication
In order to satisfy customer needs, 3AWORLDWIDE defined an external communication strategy to reach the target audience through the mainstream media. From February to September we have released more than 15 press releases and managed interviews with major media and we also have developed Ad Hoc content for publications directed to the target audience of VASS.

Marketing actions
With the 3AWORLDWIDE service Factory of Ideas, we have offered VASS different marketing proposals. 3AWORLDWIDE guarantees that each one of the proposals have been submitted and processed exclusively for VASS, offering a unique and personalized treatment according to their needs.

Advertising campaign – XV anniversary
3AWORLDWIDE media planning department negotiated with both media titles in order to get as much added value as possible.
Computing finally offered us not only the usual 7.500 units of insertions but also:
* Publishing the same ad-insert in the BPS kiosk FOC.
* Distributing the editorial content in its website as well as its social network profiles: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
* Computing Newsletter to support the pitch.
* Special video interview to be published in the Computing website.

The economic diary Expansion offered us an unusual and innovator format: to put VASS logo on the cover front page, closed to media title. We got a half full color page in a preference position two different days paying for just one.




Thanks to the impact of the press releases distributed to the media between February and September, there has been an impact worth more than 120,000 euros. Thanks to 3AWORLDWIDE, VASS has presence in news agencies such as Europa Press, mainstream media like The Gazette and sectorial media like Ticpymes, Computing or

Advertising campaign – XV anniversary
Thanks to Computing insertion we achieved its 26.260 monthly readership.
Expansion, the most important economic Spanish newspaper, we achieved its daily 171.000 readership. Moreover, the published logo on the cover front page of the newspaper, it enabled us to reach all kiosks and point of national press? customers.