About Schindler
Founded in Switzerland in 1874, the Schindler Group is one of the world leaders in the field of elevators, escalators sectors and other services related to the vertical transportation. Schindler’s urban movility solutions transport one billion people daily around the world. Behind the success of the company there are 43.000 employees located in more than 100 countries.

The Schindler Group has been trusting 3AWORLDWIDE for four years now for his internal and external communication needs. Throughout this time we have faced many challenges and we have solved the customer’s needs in an original and effective way.

In the past we raised a challenge that affected both internal and external communication.


Internal Communication
• The Schindler Group wanted to reach all his Spanish employees allocated in the Directorates of Operations (Branches and Delegations).
• The main problem is the scattering of all employees because a lot of them do not have a fixed office work, such as maintenance technicians, who work in their respective routes.

External Communication
• Schindler had the need to reach its target audience to inform and disseminate product innovations, technical advances, new facilities and actions of corporate social responsibility that the company is performing.

Internal Communication Solution: Reach all the employees
In order to reach the entire team of Schindler Spain, 3AWORLDWIDE developed several lines of communication and actions.
– Schindler in your cellphones: Schindler Spain developed a platform to text the workers all kind of information about the company and the vertical transportation industry. With this action we obtained direct contact with all employees and we made them feel involved in the success and recognition of the company.

– Talking about Schindler: In 3AWORLDWIDE we developed an interactive presentation with videos in which the senior management of the company talks to the workers involved in the Communication Plan and they also explain them the situation of the company, their successes and the new goals and points that they need to improve. With this biannual action we also reach all employees in a simple and effective way.

– Newsletters: 3AWORLDWIDE has designed Schindler’s corporate newsletter, in which appear relevant news of the company. It is sent to every employee’s email every two months.

– Internal Magazine: Communication with employees is very important to Schindler, so another action that we perform is the publication of an internal magazine in which employees can participate by elaborating content about their experiences outside Spain. It also includes the new company adjudications and successes and an editorial written by the General Director, Mr. Carlos Guembe. The magazine is delivered to employees every three months.

External communication solution: Reach the target audience
Schindler is aware of the importance of being present in both general and specialized media to reach its target audience. That is why Schindler Spain has invested heavily in PR and advertising.

– PR: In 3AWORLDWIDE we manage the company’s relationship with the media through press releases with the information about new business areas and appointments, company’s semiannual and annual results, etc. We also create news content and we manage and prepare interviews for radio and television. With this service Schindler gets to be present in the media and reaches the target audience easily.

– Media Planning: The strategy consists in advertise in specialized media to achieve a greater diffusion of its services. In 3AWORLDWIDE we organize the advertising in a media plan in order to achieve the best rates and the greatest possible impact.

On the right side there is an example of the ads that are inserted in specialized media.