Emerge americas


Position eMerge Americas as the foremost technology movement in the Americas, as well as, drive ticket sales in the United States, Spain and Latin America to reach the 3,000 ticket sale mark.


3AWorldwide launched an extensive, three-pronged campaign throughout the United States, Spain and Latin America. The campaign incorporated digital display advertising, digital influencers (bloggers) and spot television buy (local to South Florida). The campaign targeting businessmen and women, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and South Florida locals in all fields sought to highlight eMerge Americas’ development of Miami as a hub for technology uniting the Americas, and drive ticket sales for the event. The digital display advertising and digital influencer targeting businessmen and industry-professionals focused on general news, business and finance, and technology oriented channels and sought to draw out local, domestic and international attendees. The local television buy utilized general news and sports-oriented mediums to attract local attendees of all demographics. The digital campaigns utilized an assortment of different branding and call-to-action creative materials to highlight the different aspects of the movement that may appeal to differing key demographic targets, in order to increase the reach, visibility and impact of the campaign.